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New metal film treatment agent market impact of traditional phosphate solution

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  Recently, the company Hefei Huaqing metal surface treatment Co., after years of research to develop a new alternative phosphate products - metal surface micro-nano-ceramic composite membrane treatment agent passed the experts. The product is designed for the current phosphating process and developed, and its corrosion resistance fully achieve the effect of phosphate, as well as solve the problem of energy saving phosphating.
  Experts from domestic famous universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the major breakthrough in China's Qing gave a high evaluation. Experts agree that the current domestic research on phosphating process basically stuck in the traditional phosphate Improve phase, the idea is to study how to improve the phosphating process, how in the traditional phosphating process, to minimize the heating, the less emissions, less stay slag; it is difficult to solve these problems fundamentally. Huaqing company This product introduction is the traditional phosphate phosphate system completely broken. The product is dehydrated coupling effect polyhydric metal ion polymer occurs at room temperature, to a layer of micro-nano grade ceramic composite film on the metal surface. The film is similar to the three-dimensional network of organic phosphate crystal film, while the inter-molecular strong interface bonding force is formed, the metal surface and the subsequent formation of a good coating adhesion. It does not contain heavy metals, stable performance, good conductivity and resistance to salt spray corrosion ability, it is an ideal substitute for phosphate solution. Its exact level of research to achieve world-class, leading some experts even use "phosphating process revolutionary breakthrough" to describe.
  The product is not only a typical technological innovation, research phosphating process of generating a leading role; at the same time the product will mark the advent of a huge phosphate "market cake" redrawing. Since phosphating process from the British Charles Ross patented in 1869 (B.P.No.3119) mark its birth, in the long years of nearly a century, it is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive and appliance industries. It is expected that only the current domestic market size of phosphate solution reached 100 billion yuan. This product by the relevant companies try to prove that its overall cost is lower than the ordinary use of phosphate solution currently on the market, this is simply to solve the enterprises in the use of the product cost concerns. Experts expect that the product will have a "disruptive" impact on the phosphate solution market.


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