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Poor adhesion of metal spray solution

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  We all know that metal is a metal surface paint is not oxidized corrosion protection method. Good paint coating to maintain a continuous protective layer intact, with good, can become a corrosion inhibiting media intrusion barrier. But when we encounter metallic paint adhesion is poor, how can we do it? Accor Dongguan City, the source of chemical treatment agents used in metal enhance the adhesion of UV metal, from a connecting role, hinges on the substrate and UV, to achieve adhesion. Widely used in all kinds of zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, stainless steel hardware and water on the vacuum coating or plating, can assist in strengthening the bonding metal layer and UV coating, while the most commonly used solvent and has a good affinity resin, widely recognized by the market is a common type of treatment agent.
  Physical properties:
  1. Appearance: light yellow turbid liquid
  2, solid content: 25%
  3, softening temperature: about 80 ℃
  4, molecular weight: 60000-90000
  Construction Technology:
  1, the cleaning → spraying metal coating process hardware (PVD) coating the surface of the treated water for 3-5 minutes to dry → → → IR UV paint spraying leveling (60 ± 10 ℃ × 4 ~ 6min) → UV curing (700 ± 100mj / cm2) → test, the next step.
  2, the application viscosity: 8 ± 1 seconds (Iwata Cup # 2)
  3, working pressure: 3-4Kg / cm2
  4, coating film thickness: thickness of the coating metal treatment agent is generally controlled between 3-5μm best effect, UV paint film thickness is 10-15μm
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